Screen Mounting and Finishing

Folded Edges

Folded Edges Example

Maximum Size will reduce your overall size

Maximum Size will reduce your overall size.

Folded Edges

Folded Edges can provide, but be aware that they will reduce overall size of your screen. Check whether your screen application and mounting requires folded edges before ordering.

Folded Edges will be provided as shown in the Optimal Folded Edges images, at 25mm back and down and 12mm, unless otherwise specified.

Standard Powdercoating and Corten Examples

Standard Powdercoating and Corten Examples

Powdercoating and Finishing

Hard- weathering powdercoat is available in many more than the 11 assorted colours shown for Aluminum screens. The more expansive list of colours can be seen in this pdf. The document has most of the colours but the list is not exhaustive, we can do almost any powdercoat colour.

11 Jotun Powercoat colours have been chosen as the standard range for MetalArt ByLaser Screens for their versatility and durability. However, if you're looking for a special colour you can contact us about your order at and we'll find you the perfect Dulux, Joton, or Interpon powercoat for your needs.

Weathering Corten

Corten is a special steel that ages continuously in a unique way to a pleasing natural, rugged patina. When used correctly it is expressive, long-lasting and maintenance-free.

Corten allows the surface of the metal to rust but this also creates a protective layer for the underlying material, slowing further deterioration. This protective rust layer develops into beautiful rusty colour, from deep reddish browns to rich orranges. It's a long lasting, natural finish, ideal for decorative screens or garden art.

If you want to sell the raw or rusted surface of Corten, we recommend using a product such as "Penetrol". These products will help to halt the visual aging of Corten as well as prevent rusty run-off, staining and rub-off.