Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please note that these FAQs are subject to change. If you have any inquiries that are not addressed here, you may contact us via email: We will get back to you as soon as we can but when we are very busy it may take up to two business days for email responses.

A: Yes, we are more than happy to work with you to develop an original work based on your design or create a completely original design from your inspiration, concepts, and rough sketches.

The Metalart Bylaser team consists of highly trained professional and motivated staff who are experienced in creating original custom designs. Head to the “Custom Designs” page of our website for further information on personal designs. Please note that in some cases a deposit may be required before starting a custom project.

A: Yes, Our design team is happy to apply any of your own designs to one of our fire-pits, screens or other products. If the graphic or image you have in mind is similar in complexity to one of our “off the shelf items”, then this should give you a good starting point for pricing for the product but all custom images will incur a design fee. If you can supply a suitable CAD or vector file, the design fee may be waved.

For a custom individual quote, head to our “Custom Designs” page on the website to send through details and files to help us provide an accurate quote for your personal design.

A: For any custom designs, there may be a custom design fee starting at $110 inc. GST. Design costs will increase proportionally with the amount of time spent on the design project.

The custom design fee may be waived if your own design is in a suitable PDF, CAD, or vector file. Depending on the design we may also waive this fee for some laser suitable high contrast, and high-resolution images. Please see our “Custom Designs” page for more information.

A: At this stage, our staff are not available to conduct this kind of work. However, we understand that not everyone is confident in this area and will do our best to help out. If you are struggling, please contact us at with some information about the issue. Please also include photos showing the space from several angles. Photos are great, with these images we may be able to help you mark-up drawings dimensions and detailed information required directly to a photo.

If you are still having difficulty or are unsure on how to proceed, we recommend that you try to get assistance from a local tradesperson, landscaper or handy man or you could visit our main office where we could assist you better.

A: Sorry, but unfortunately we don’t do installs at this stage though we hope to provide this service in the future.

Please contact us at for an installation referral or some assistance in finding an installer.

A: At MetalArt Bylaser we make a vast assortment of design projects and products. Many are made to order because each and every one of our clients is unique. For this reason, most products should be expected to be shipped within 10-15 days of order. In the case of custom projects this applies from the when the final version of the design is approved.

A: All of our screens will be provided at thicknesses up to 3mm for Aluminium and up to 2.5mm for Corten.

A: We operate several high-end Swiss engineered Bystronic lasers including 6 kilowatt machines and the latest Fibre laser technology allowing us to laser cut the broadest range of metals.

A: At MetalArt Bylaser we make most of our screens and design projects from Aluminium, Corten steel and Stainless steel. We primarily stock Australian/New Zealand laser plate but also order in premium imported alloys (including copper & brass) as required. Below, is a detailed description of each material and maximum thickness.

Mild Steels (Up to 25mm Thick)

Mild steel is a dull grey metal containing a low percentage of carbon and is not tempered or hardened meaning it is strong, yet malleable and easily worked. The simplicity of mild steel makes it an affordable option. In humid environments, raw mild steel can rust in a relatively short time frame so additional processes like zinc plating or powder-coating (with a pre-prime coat) can seal the exterior and preserve the material. If a natural rusty finish is preferred, you may use ‘Penetrol’ to seal and preserve the raw or rusted surface of mild steel and limit rust ‘leaching’. See “Penetrol” below for details.

Mild Steel Natural Finish

Mild Steel Natural Finish

Corten - Enhanced Weathering Steel (Up to 3mm) (also known as Lyten or Xlerplate)

Corten is a special steel that ages continuously in a unique way to a pleasing natural, rugged patina. When used correctly it is expressive, long-lasting and maintenance-free.

Corten allows the surface of the metal to rust but this also creates a protective layer for the underlying material, slowing further deterioration. This protective rust layer develops into beautiful rusty colour, from deep reddish browns to rich oranges. It’s a long lasting, natural finish, ideal for decorative screens or garden art. You may use ‘Penetrol’ to seal and preserve the raw or rusted surface of Corten. See “Penetrol” under Finishes section in FAQ for details.

Weathered Corten Finish without Penetrol

Weathered Corten Finish without Penetrol

Further Corten Information

Stainless Steel (Up to 16mm)

Stainless Steel is well known for its superior resistance to corrosion, which is the result of a high chromium content (above 10.5%). The chromium within the stainless steel stops the normal oxidizing or “rusting” process and instead forms a chromium-rich film. This gives the material it’s shiny silver and corrosion resistant characteristics.

Stainless Steel is most commonly available in two grades: 304 (general purpose) and 316 (marine quality) grades. We also order in other grades when needed.

The key difference between the grades is that 316 contains an alloy called Molybdenum, which gives the material a much higher resistance in high-chloride or salty conditions such as coastal areas. 304 contains no Molybdenum so while not quite as durable as 316 it is still perfectly capable of handling normal, wet/dry non-salty (non-marine) conditions.

Stainless Steel (Brushed)

Stainless Steel (Brushed)

Aluminium – (Up to 8mm)

Aluminum is highly durable and the ideal material for powdercoated screens. Here are the primary grades we stock:

Aluminium 5005 is a soft aluminium alloy with characteristics of low weight, medium strength, is suitable for folding with excellent cold formability, very good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and very good weldability. It is generally cheaper than stainless steel but raw aluminium scratches more easily.

Aluminium 5052 has very good corrosion resistance to seawater and marine and industrial atmosphere. It also has very good weldability and is suitable for folding with good cold formability. It is a medium to high strength alloy.

Aluminium 5083 performs extremely well in extreme environments. 5083 is highly resistant to attack by both seawater and industrial chemical environments. Alloy 5083 also retains exceptional strength after welding but is not suitable for folding.

Aluminium Sheet

Aluminium Sheet

Brass (Up to 3mm)

Brass is a copper-zinc alloy known for its golden appearance and can only be cut with special fibre lasercutting machines.

Brass has great malleability and oxidization develops a protective layer or ‘Patina’ which helps prevent further corrosion. To maintain the golden appearance of Brass you will need to take special care and keep the product in low-weathering environments. However, the patina which occurs on brass and copper has a beauty of its own as it develops a blotchy blue-green texture.

Brushed Brass

Brushed Brass

Copper/Brass Patina

Copper/Brass Patina

Copper (Up to 3mm)

Copper is most known for its use in raw red appearance, aged blue-green patina and like brass can only be cut with special fibre lasercutting machines.

Copper is a low tensile strength metal with good corrosion resistance (better than brass). As with Brass, Copper forms a protective ‘Patina’ layer of the same blue-green colour. To maintain the appearance of Copper you will need to take special care and keep the product in low-weathering environments. However, the patina which occurs on brass and copper has a beauty of its own as it develops a blotchy blue-green texture.

Brushed Copper

Brushed Copper

Copper/Brass Patina

Copper/Brass Patina

Galvanised Plate (Up to 3mm)

Galvanised plate is steel or iron which is coated with a heavy zinc film to form a protective layer that has a high corrosion resistance. This process also increases the tensile strength of the plate. Galvanized plate shows high performance in corrosive environments but is less suitable for painting than zinc plate. Galvanised plate is often an easy choice as it is durable, yet inexpensive.

Galvanised Steel Sheet

Galvanised Steel Sheet

Zinc Plate/Zincanneal & Zincalume (Up to 3mm)

Zinc Plate/Zincanneal is steel plated with a thin zinc film which provides reasonable protection against corrosion. Unlike Galvanised plate, painting zincanneal is effective and will often be a requirement to provide better protection. Zincanneal is also a low-cost material and unless primed and painted is more suitable for interior use.

Zincalume is a metallic coated sheet steel that our performs galvanised steel, offering two to four times the corrosion resistance. Its aluminum-zinc coating formula consists of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicon by weight. Zincalume is also a high performing material, suitable for exterior use.

Zinc Plated Steel Sheet

Zinc Plated Steel Sheet

A: Custom screens can com in almost any shape and size but our typical sheet sizes are:

For Aluminium we mainly use:

1800mm x 900mm
2400mm x 900mm
2400mm x 1200mm
3000mm x 1200mm

For Stainless Steel and most Mild Steel:

2400mm x 1200mm
3000mm x 1500mm

For some special materials the maximum sheet size may vary:


1800mm x 900mm
2400mm x 900mm
2400mm x 1200mm
2500mm x 1200mm
2650mm x 1200mm
3000mm x 1200mm
3000mm x 1500mm

Brass and Copper:

1800mm x 900mm

Special sizes under may be available on request via our contact form or email at

Please note, Bylaser is limited to a maximum sheet size of 3000mm x 1500mm, due to the size of the lasers. For larger applications, it is easy to cut multiple screens with aligning images or patterns.

A: MetalArt Bylaser products are available in several finishes, applied to the stock sheet or after cutting, and depend on material type, thickness and grade.

Finishes applied to the raw material before cutting:

Natural: Standard, untouched finish of materials such as Mild Steel. Usually these are a close-to Matte finish. While Corten is provided raw, it is a steel which is designed to produce a weathered finish of it’s own.

Natural Steel Finish

Mill: Mill finish is the raw finish of a material after it is passed through a rolling mill. A mill finish will be similar to Natural finish.

Machine linished/polished: Including stainless steel No. 4 and No. 8 finishes, and most raw Aluminium. Brass and Copper are also available in these finishes.

Stainless Steel No.4 Finish

Stainless Steel No.4 Finish

Stainless Steel No. 8 Finish

 Stainless Steel No. 8 Finish

Linished Aluminium Finish

Linished Aluminium Finish

Linished Brass Finish

Linished Brass Finish

BA – Bright annealing: This provides a mirror-like finish, similar to polishing but performed through a chemical-treatment process. BA finish may have some cloudiness or imperfections; however, it is typically much cheaper than a No. 8 Finish.

Anodized: Available on special request in a special finished grade of 5005 Aluminium Sheet. Anodization reduces wear and increases hardness by applying an ultra-thin layer of anode oxidation film. Typically this is available in a silver colour only unless coloured material is supplied by the customer.

Zinc plated: Zincanneal and Galvanized Sheet are both forms of Zinc plating and provide increased wear and corrosion resistance at a low cost. Zinc plating leaves a sharp-patterned visual texture.

Finishes that are applied after cutting and fabricating include:

Electroplating: The plating of parts with an ultra-thin layer of various composition. Common plating composites include zinc, gold-zinc to add corrosion resistance, and for decorative purposes gold, silver and other metals are usually available.


Hot Dip Galvanization: Provides a crystallized visual texture common on many functional parts. Galvanized parts have a high corrosion resistance and increased strength and durability.

Galvanised Sheet

Galvanised Sheet

Linishing/Orbital Sanding: Once cut a part may be passed through a linisher or brushed with an orbital sander, removing burrs and producing a rotationally brushed pattern.

Linished Aluminium

Linished Aluminium

Weathered: A Rusted finish is achievable with Corten/Weathering Steel and Mild Steel but will not be supplied already weathered.

Heavily weathered Corten without Penetrol to postpone rusting.

Heavily weathered Corten

Penetrol can be used as a base coat on bare metal to fix the rust and preserve the appearance. With Penetrol, a rusted surface will turn darker than dry rust but similar to rust sprayed with water or oil and can be top coated with a polyurethane for a more durable finish. Penetrol can be applied at any time during the aging of the material to pause the rusting process for the desired finish. See your local hardware store for spray and brush application penetrol.

Penetrol Application Tutorial


MetalArt Bylaser only uses quality powdered paints from reputable producers - Dulux, Joton, and Interpon.

Through Yates Powder Coating, we have access to over 200 quality coloured powdercoat finishes, including colours which specifically match to Colorbond Steel products, anti-graffiti coatings and a range of stunning textured finishes including ripple, pearl and textured effects.

To ensure that quality and longevity of your product we offer a complete range of powdercoat pre-treatment options including Orbital sanding, Abrasive blasting, Epoxy zinc rich primers, and Chromate pre-treatment.

Yates Powder Coating

High temperature resistant powder coating:

Soon, also with Yates Powder Coating, we should also be able to offer a powdercoating solution to increase the durability of our firepits and braziers.

This special powder provides corrosion protection and appearance integrity for high temperature components so we have some on order for testing in real life conditions. Please contact us by email at for more information on this finish.

A: The MetalArt Bylaser designers strive to produce strong, durable designs by using the right material and structure for the job. Each of our products is tested in real-world situations so that we can happily stand by our products life-span and durability. With correct care and maintenance, under normal use conditions, steel and metal products can easily last decades. For advise on how to care and manage ageing of your MetalArt please call or email us at

If you suspect that your item has broken under normal use conditions, and within a reasonable time-frame of purchase, please see read our “Shipping and Returns Policy” and then contact us.

A: Yes! Head to our “Quote Request” page in the banner at the top of our website to send us a quote request for large or unusual orders. For custom designs, however, please head to our “Custom Designs” page.

A: Yes. We take the utmost care with the information that you provide us when placing an order on our website (or through any other means). The server that hosts our online shopping store encrypts the transmission of all credit card and personal customer information using the Internet-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. During the encryption process, information is scrambled into small bits of code that cannot be read as they travel to us over the Internet. Once we receive the encrypted information, we use a private, one-of-a-kind key to decode it.

All of the information you provide during the ordering process is restricted to our staff, and we make sure that all of our employees up-to-date on our security and privacy policies. If you have further questions about the security of ordering online from the MetalArt Bylaser, please feel free to e-mail us at

A: Once you have finished adding items to your shopping cart and are ready to complete your transaction, move your cursor to the lower-right corner of the screen and click on the “Checkout” button. You will then be transferred to our secure server and asked to either create a new account or place an order without an account.

If you expect to purchase additional items from MetalArt Bylaser in the future, you may want to consider setting up an account. If you choose to do so, our site will maintain on file your billing and shipping information as well as your payment data so you do not have to fill out this information each time you visit our secure server. You will also have the ability to view your complete history of purchasing at MetalArt Bylaser.

Once you have decided how to proceed, you will be prompted to enter the name and address of the intended recipient of your shipment (i.e. your delivery information), followed by your billing details. You will have the option of indicating that the shipping and billing details are the same, if applicable.

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A: To add a product or other item to your cart, navigate to the page of the item you are interested in. When you click the “Add to Cart” link, you will be brought to your "Shopping cart" page where you can then enter the quantity of the item that you would like to order using the "Qty" field on the right side of the screen. After you have entered a quantity, you can continue shopping or choose to complete your order.

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A: Shipping and handling rates will vary based on the product/s that are ordered and their delivery destination. If you would like to find out an accurate shipping cost it is best to speak to MetalArt staff, as each product and custom project has its own, individual size and weight characteristics.

A: Please e-mail and phone our Customer Service department with your changes at least two weeks before you move. In your correspondence, include your old address, new address, as well as any special instructions you might have regarding suspending delivery of your subscription. To contact us, please see our customer service information at the top of this page. Before ordering, you should always check the receiving address to ensure correct and timely delivery.

A: We accept most major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), Paypal, Bank deposits and cash.

A: MetalArt Bylaser aims to give you the most well designed, highest quality metal products possible. For this reason, we may make incremental changes to some of our products for product enhancement. The product you receive after purchase will be of the same aesthetic and style as the product images though some features (for example: angles or hole positions) may be changed slightly.

In the event that these product improvements are not shown in the images or description shown on a products’ page, MetalArt Bylaser will not provide returns or refunds for these products that match the product type and style that was ordered. If there is a problem with the product that you believe is a craftsmanship flaw or if your product does not match what you ordered, please see our Shipping and Return Policy.

Product colours and powdercoat swatches may also vary from those shown on in the website due to variations in monitors and screen settings. Corten will also vary demanding on age, care and influence local weather. Initially it will be a raw steel grey, then over time becoming a beautiful rusty colour that varies according to the climate, from deep reddish browns to rich oranges.

If there is a problem with the product that you believe is a craftsmanship flaw or if your product does not match what you ordered, please see our Shipping and Return Policy for information on returns.

A: Please see our Shipping and Return Policy for information on how to return damaged or incorrect orders, as well as cancelling orders.

A: As most of our products are made to order, you should expect your items to be shipped within 10-15 days of ordering. Custom orders will require more time to produce and will be shipped within 10-15 days of your approval of the final design.

A: No. Due to the nature of our production line and made-to-order products, we cannot begin production of your order before payment.